Today I am learning to thrive in my “singleness”…

My untruth has always been ‘that a single person is a lonely person’. So it would make sense that finding myself single would bring about feelings of loneliness.

I have made the bold decision that I AM NOT GOING TO LIVE IN THIS UNTRUTH!

I feel like I’m supposed to break this writing down into sections… Let’s see how it works out…lol

That I’m alone & have no one to love me.
That I’m either too heavy, don’t dress “right”, have a flawed personality, joke around too much.
That I’m less than or not worthy (both from birth & based on some wrong I’ve committed).

These are the thoughts that want to take control of my thinking… But SCREW THAT!

The Real Truth-
If I really look at my life in this moment, I’m enjoying a Dunkin Donuts coffee (the bestest coffee EVER), sitting on a balcony in the morning sunshine in Gilbert Arizona, visiting my Mom.
I spend at least a couple nights a week with friends I have made in Iowa.
Relationships with like minded people are showing up constantly in my life.
I have vacationed in Alaska with my favorite person in the world. My son!
I have been able to located & visit my favorite place in the world (thus far)… UTAH!
I am currently fulfilling a life long goal of learning to play the guitar.
I get massages on a bi-weekly basis, regularly work with my breath master, recently have committed to working with a coach that is further assisting me in stepping into my dream life. We met during my visit to Utah, which would not have happened if my life situation were not as it is.
Oh, and I’m taking voice lessons. I will kick ass mimicking Aerosmith at some point on the ol’ karaoke machine! Lol

And that’s really the bottom line… My life could not unfold as it is or as it needs to if my situation were any different than it is in this moment!

As I review the lists above, I have to smile at how weak the untruths really are in comparison to all the blessings I get to choose. I also feel a sense of gratitude that the blessings unfold, even when my thinking is stuck in lack or untruths.

It would be so AWESOME to build a singles network. Not for the typical purpose of finding another single to unite, but to support each other in our singleness.

Whether your in the untruths and need support, or on top of the world with thriving being single, please leave a comment and let’s see if we can’t pull this together and expand love, support & kindness to a healthy single soul!




  1. You know Who   •  

    I love you and am thrilled you are able to appreciate the beauty all around you. That is living…no one completes another person. I believe this is something we need to do as individuals for ourselves and you my Awesome Brother are doing a FABULOUS job of this.

  2. Annette Rochelle Aben   •  

    Rock on! And when you get back around this a way, you can teach me to play the guitar… I would LOVE to learn!

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