Lessons Learned in Life… Trust

T R U S T… Such a simple five letter word and at the same time has such a huge impact on every facet of our lives.

Trust fits into everything we do as well as everything we choose not to do. It forms our beliefs, our ambition, our relationships, our career (or non-career), every nook and cranny of who we are. The other thing about trust is it seems like a tiny fracture to it can cause a lifetime of crippled ness.

As part of my Owning Our Creatorship series, I believe distrust is the barrier that determines how far we advance with everything else. The more completely I allow myself to trust, the more my life is complete. It’s a continuous, expanding circle, up to the point I choose distrust!

So knowing this, why would any of us choose dis-trust, one might ask (and I would thank the person for asking, because it leads to what follows…lol)? There are so many ways that distrust enters into us I could not possibly supply a full list. Heck, I wouldn’t even expect I would know them all. What I have learned from my personal experiences is that regardless of the vehicle, it’s how we process the event that makes all the difference.

There is the choice to be a victum vs. seeing how my choices called the event into fruition, ultimately leading to something I needed to learn in order to grow. Distrust can go all the way back to very early childhood, when a parent makes a promise and it’s not kept, to much deeper things. I am not claiming to understand issues outside of my experience, only to relate how I’ve been able to reposition my view in order to remove my distrust and afford myself more happiness and contentment in my life, which ultimately affects everyone else in my life.

Another big one that I’ve personally dealt with is a habit related to expectations. This one has bitten me in the tail quite a bit. I have this character defect of placing my expectations of someone on them, instead of finding out through their actions who they really are. Then later down the line, when they are not meeting my expectations, I label it distrust.

Now, knowing all this and applying steps that help us to truly Own Our Creatorship are two completely different things. Both necessary, since without the knowing, there wouldn’t be steps and without the steps, knowing would be fatal.

So what I plan to do is,
First, be aware of the areas of my life I don’t trust. Where it relates to people, ask myself if it is that person, or could it be me trying to plug my expectations into them. Actually the same could be said for a majority of the other situations of my life as well.
Next would be to see if there is a rose in the area of distrust. What I mean by that is if there is a lesson, or valuable piece of information that I need to pick up on in order to grow. There usually is and finding the lesson helps so much to stop the continuous looping in relearning/re-experiencing.
Finally, the old saying “in order to trust, I have to be trustworthy” applies. It would be almost impossible to trust if I’m not living a trustworthy life.

I don’t Know if this will help clear up 100% of all trust issues, but I do know it helps me enormously in my life. Let me know if it helps you as well…

I would love to hear back from you all,


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  1. Annette Rochelle Aben   •  

    This is really powerful and something I am sure people are going to be touched by deeply. I can see this being read over and over again each and every time someone has one of “those moments” and will be able to find clarity. Thank you for your sharing!

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