Lessons Learned in Life… Perception

Today I learned a lessons that although seemingly small, determines the outlook of my entire life!

Roughly three weeks ago I had a new kitchen floor installed. A floating linoleum floor. Love it! Looks like rectangular rough stone tile. Really dresses up the kitchen. For me personally, being able to afford installing a new kitchen floor represents another step in my manifesting abundance. Up until this point I would not have been able to do such a thing without letting other financial obligations go unpaid.

Ok, so today they are installing new carpet. Another exciting event, right?

Well guess what..

As I’m moving everything out of the front room in prep for the install I dropped a large speaker on the kitchen floor and tore it. Right in a travel spot. When my floor guy arrived and inspected the tear he told me he doesn’t know how to repair it because it is floating. It sounds like the best he will be able to do is soften it, so it doesn’t appear so clearly.

I’m sure you can imagine the initial upset in something like this happening. A bit of swearing, turns to anger which turns to taking it personal for making a mistake. Heck, I even apologized to My floor guy when he arrived…

Through this process which I am adding way too many words to explain (lol), come my lesson…

Once I took some time to have a coffee, stop kicking myself in the pants and calm my mind, I remembered a couple stories I’ve been given in the past that apply perfectly.

I remember a friend of mine shared these with me many years ago. When he told me these stories I had no idea that 10-12 years later I would need this information as I do now.

The first story surrounds around s vacation he took to Hawaii. He was on the beach one evening watching the sunset. A littered cigarette butt discarded on the beach caught his attention. He described how pissed off he felt seeing that someone would garbage up the beach in that manner. That one piece of garbage was ruining his entire vacation…

Then it hit him….

He was letting this spec of imperfection ruin the most beautiful view he has ever had in his life. In telling me this story, he did end up getting to enjoy the sunset that evening, along with enjoying many other areas of his life going forward, by making a conscious decision as to where he placed his focus.

The second story is just as incredible and even more fitting to my situation… At one point my friend bought a condo, on the water in MI. Beautiful place. Before he moved in he had everything updated, repainted and updated. A real showplace! After he moved in, I visited and the place was amazing. As he walked me through the place, giving me a tour, he pointed out a tile in the foyer. It was a rectangular tile and had a crack that ran from upper right corner down through bottom left corner. So funny that I remember that tile so well, especially today. I remember it so vividly because of what he explained to me about it.

He said, he left that tile with it’s crack to remind him and everyone who entered his home of life’s imperfections. That he used that tile as his measuring stick to his level of acceptance of life. On his strong days he looked at the tile and saw its purpose and then there were days when he would look at the tile and wanted so badly to replace it with new. On these days, he knew he had to practice acceptance of life being exactly as it’s supposed to be.

Now I too have the gift of an imperfection that can remind me of how perfect life is, even with it’s imperfections. How awesome is that! In this moment I would still rather have the stories and the perfect floor, but I know that’s not one of my choices…


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  1. Annette Rochelle Aben   •  

    I am happy to have these examples that allow me to keep my focus, thank you Joe!

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