Lessons Learned In Life… The passing of my Hero (the unfolding)

Words of Encouragement about a Great Man and a new understanding for me!

Haven’t written in a week because I’ve been spending all my time in a hospice center in Gilbert Arizona, along with as much of my family as physically possible, waiting for my Dad’s soul to release his body to an eternity of freedom. To a dimension I do not fully comprehend yet. We spend our days, and some of us nights, talking to him, counting the time between his breaths hoping everything we believe is true about the after death. We cry and pray, both individually and together. We spend time talking to Dad, again individually as well as a group as well.

Although I do believe this to be a blessing to be here with Dad, my thinking gets a bit confused and asks me why we are all sitting here waiting for this wonderful man to pass. I’m not ashamed that it takes talking to my teachers to realize that we are waiting to celebrate the place he is going. A place I choose to believe is to be awed.


I’ve had this idea of taking some time through all this and driving to Sedona. It started with my son and I getting away for a few hours. I thought this was the purpose for the journey. So that he and I would have some time together. His unwillingness to do so reminded me that my decision for him & I to spend time together making this drive was one sided. It fulfilled what I think we need but doesn’t take into account what is best for him or his needs. I have not made the trip because I don’t know if I’m supposed to. Then today, during a conversation with my favorite master teacher, I realized the purpose of the trip is to do so with my Dad.

This thought sounds a bit confusing for me, even as I write it. My head is telling me that I should be here at the hospice center to share in the moment of my Dad’s passing, along with everyone else. To console my family and stand side-by-side with whoever is present for the final good bye to Dad’s human form.

My heart, now that’s a different message all together. It’s giving me feelings that say to have a great adventure with Dad prior to his soul passing to higher dimensions. It’s telling me to get in the car, pick up coffee and orange slices (his favorite snack, only second to nutty bars) and head out to Sedona. Let our souls visit devils bridge and sit there and enjoy the awesomeness of whatever we see together.

In seeing this whole thing from this view it makes sense in this being a time of celebration. Up until now, my Dad hasn’t been able to be directly involved in my hiking/backpacking trips until I get back and discuss them with him. I believe this trip to Sedona to be a door opener to realizing him to be right there alongside me through the whole adventure. And if I’m correct about that (which I’m pretty sure I am), then the door is wide open for him being right there with me and all of us through eternity.

I’m not sure if these could be considered words of wisdom, but it for sure is my awakening!!


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