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If you don’t be who you truly are, nobody else can fulfill the joy you carry within yourself and the entire world will be shortcuttted…

Yesterday marked the start of my 49th year in this body. It also brought news that my Dad (who is back in Arizona) is going to be sent home from the hospital with hospice care. According to his doctor, if he improves over the next couple weeks, they will resume his care, but he is too weak at this point to continue treatment. I am having such a hard time, maybe unwillingness is a better way to define it. I am unwilling to give up hope that he can get better.

Anyways, with yesterday being my birthday, I planned to start the day with a hike, snowshoeing up in Clarkston, MI. Once I got started on the hike, my outlet kicked into place and I spent an hour video recording the hike to send to my Dad, with the hopes of cheering him up.


My Dad has always been a rugged outdoorsman and his favorite television shows usually have something Survival in the title. I follow his footsteps with this passion. I’m very well known in my family for an unusual sense of humor.

Here is the video. (7 minutes in length)

This did get him laughing. In fact, everyone in my family was sending me text messages all night & this morning about how crazy I am & how much they laughed!

The point to this writing is this. If I spent too much time considering what I thought the right thing to do would be, I would not have chosen to share my creativity (even if it is goofy) the way I did. In doing so, my actions have lifted the spirits of my entire family, by giving us 7 minutes of something to focus on outside the current situation we, as a family, are facing.

Each of us has talents & gifts that are meant to be shared. Those talents will be called on & we will know when to act on them every time we are supposed to. All we have to do is trust. Trust that we are perfect, whatever talent we have is perfect for the situation and by acting on out outlet is how God’s strength and almightyness will be revealed.

So again I say, “If you don’t be who you truly are, nobody else can fulfill the joy you carry within yourself and the entire world will be shortcutted” (my blog, my word…lol).

These are my words of wisdom, from my experiences. If this makes any sense to you, please leave a comment!


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