Lessons Learned in Life… Love without conditions (part I)

Today I am learning about love without conditions… A tough lesson for me as it is so wide-spread into all facets of life.

It seems the more I study the meaning of unconditional love, the less likely it is that I can ever experience it in its totality, while I live here on earth. In expecting unconditional love as the goal, similar to being Jesus-like, what I can manifest and bring into my life is to help others to raise their awareness of self-love, and allow others to assist me in raising my level of completeness and self love. But I must be open to the message, which is to say that I must have self-forgiveness and ultimately realize that I never was wrong, bad, incomplete in any way shape or form.

Any feelings of being incomplete, unlovable, less than, are all facades I create out of fear. Fear is the top level emotion that opposes love. Love will always have the absence of fear and fear will always carry the absence of love. Everything that isn’t love is fear. For me, I can see such a clear path on how I’ve summoned every single person that has come into my life to mirror my fears to me. The things I wasn’t able, or willing to look in the mirror and see for myself, for whatever reason.

My lesson is in learning how I can purposely choose how I view myself and ultimately where my fears are. I’ve been taught this is a big part of self-realization. I am learning that I must take responsibility for healing my own wounds in order to get out of my vicious cycle of guilt and shame. I further understand teachers will continue to show up in my life to assist me in my journey to Own My Creatorship (I’ve missed that term!!). This world isn’t meant to be walked alone.

So at this point in my lesson, I am working on the self-realization portion. I expect as my lesson unfolds it will carry me into the avenues where the healing takes place, which I can’t wait to share. But for now I feel hopeful that by focusing on knowing I have the responsibility to heal my wounds and understanding it starts with being honest with my man in the mirror, without judgement, that everything will unfold exactly as it’s supposed to!



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    • lifes.lessons48@gmail.com   •     Author

      So now you know where I spent my day…lol

      Much better than yesterday. Still hard to stay in the moment and out of my head.

      Thanks Paula!!

  2. Annette Rochelle Aben   •  

    I appreciate your honesty and candor. May you always know that you are held in the most secure energy by Great Spirit! Light and Love!

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