Lessons Learned in Life… Living in Excitement

Today I learned that no matter where I go, I will find people who are willing and people who are unwilling to talk to me about ‘Owning Our Creatorship’… In fact there are people out there that are unwilling to talk to me at all… True dat.

I landed in Las Vegas tonight. I am here for a business conferences. I don’t drink and I am spending the financial gifts bestowed upon me in a responsible manner, so I’ve decided not to gamble. So what’s left for a guy like me to do…

Survivor Dude walks again!!

Dropped into the center of the most active town in the US, with nothing but my luggage (large suitcase with enough clothes to last a month, plus a fully loaded back pack), my camera, two extra batteries, all the charging chords, a nifty belt holster and a WILL to find out what people think of when they hear the words “Own Your Creatorship”.

That’s right folks, Survivor Dude does Vegas. Except this time, “what happens in Vegas is hopefully spread around the freakin world!!

That was fun! For those who know me, know about Survivor Dude (my utube almost series). Ive started my documentary about “Owning Our Creatorship” and I though, what better place to start gathering information than the last place on earth a sensible person would go. Right? Right?? And what better time to do so than when there are hundreds of thousands of people gathered for a construction conference. Ok, as I write this I’m realizing maybe not my best plan, but there have been much, much worse! Anyways, I’ve started collecting my information and surprisingly enough found a handful of people that were willing to talk to me on tape. I also found someone who would talk but didn’t feel comfortable being taped. I even had the opportunity to talk with a person who, immediately after my introduction of my mission said… And I quote, ‘it means nothing and we have to go’.

There will be more to come on my research. But following is what I learned from this experience today…

This life is such an awesome ride!! I love it!! And I was reminded today, at precisely the exact moment I needed to hear it that “we don’t have to go out there or do something to realize how awesome life is. We only have to recognize it and be open for it to flow to us!!

Amazingly Blessed whether we choose to see it or not!



  1. Annette Rochelle Aben   •  

    VEGAS! You have such fabulous energy that I just bet you could light that place up all by yourself!! Looking forward to enjoying the journey and am so grateful that you are sharing. May this be the best day of your life thus far!

  2. BREATH MASTER   •  

    I am so glad we continue to dream the dream ,no matter what, even if others turn around and walk away, in our huge transition to a new way of being, seeing, hearing, along the way, we will or i should say i have and am experiencing parts of self that are still locked into the denser energies, and just love it there,my mirror or me shows my every thought right in front of me, and sometimes, i can here myself say,
    Oh No not that , its fun and thrilling to see your thoughts out in the world creating every ouch, and yeah, and joy and tears, enjoying the ride,from ontop of the steamroller.

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