Lessons Learned in Life… Judgement (release of)

Today I learned how very grateful I am that, for whatever reason, I have this willingness to learn and to grow beyond my programming. This whole Creatorship is based on choice. I have choices everyday, all day long. We all do. What follows pertains to the choices we are faced with about being a victum of life versus an amazing life being a constant blessing and lesson…

Granted, I am rounding the half century mark and it’s taken this long for me to have the kahonies to even start to question the important questions about life, but frankly, I don’t care. There is so much excitement in discovering the answers, the timing of it all isn’t a factor. There is such an amazing thrill in realizing there really isn’t judgment (good/bad, right/wrong, fair/unfair) and it’s even more exciting to practice this principal in life and see the changes in outcomes first hand, that I’ve experienced.

Typically I don’t utilize this format to spew advice and I’m not intending to do so here either. What I would like to do is spell out a quick “what I do”, just in case anyone wants to test it. And if you do, I’d love to hear back from you as to what results you receive! This one change has been pivotal in my awakening!

At the on-start of a situation unfolding, ask yourself ‘if there is no right/wrong, no good/bad, no such thing as fair/unfair and life happens FOR me and not to my, why is this happening in my life’?

Sometimes it took a little bit of practice and persistence because the mind (ego) wants to keep fitting the situation into a judgement, which ultimately places us as a victum and that role immediately stops growth. I wrote a two part post on forgiveness, where I hope I did a decent job explaining how the victum role cannot co-exist with ‘Owning Our Creatorship’.

Each time you become aware of a thought that has judgement, just keep bringing your thinking back to ‘LIFE HAPPENS FOR US, not to us, so why is this happening FOR ME’.

It sometimes takes some time for the purpose of the event or situation to show up, but it always does. ALWAYS! What happens for me is the realizing of the purpose brings the exact insight I need to grow and move forward and for the awesomeness of life to open a little wider than it was prior.

And it has been this simple yet vital change that has been my gateway to a life of true happiness, true love, true spirituality… Truly OWNING MY CREATORSHIP!

I hope you try this exercise and I really hope to hear back from you. Whether it be your results, a sticking point that we can discuss or any other comments.

May you Own Your Creatorship,



  1. Annette Rochelle Aben   •  

    You are truly the Captain of your Creatorship! and I thank YOU for sharing from your heart… and the fire pit is a nice touch

    • lifes.lessons48@gmail.com   •     Author

      Thank you for your comment Annette! I love receiving your feedback and comments!!
      The fire pit is in the back yard…

  2. BREATH MASTER   •  

    Namaste my brother, and what a miracle of unfolding delightful tidbit of wisdom, I am that I am, and so are you.Unconditional non-judgmental love has been the goal for me, the trick is to stay awake long enough in the midst of a judgement to see ,it is all me, its me on me, and why would God want to be anything other that loving and kind, when I STOP and go beyond the behaviors and beliefs I can see my false self ,shadow self ,coming out to see if it can gain and power back, and with love I can remind myself I am all of that and more, at one time ,on one day in my past , or in my present,or future , so it gives me permission to shake it off , and see the game for what it is ,I am waking up and cleaning up, and owning my Creatorship ,one event at a time.what a blessing and what fun we are having
    Mining for Gold,

  3. Bossy   •  

    Never thought about it that way!! Thanks, will definitely try this in my future judgment situations.

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