Lessons Learned in Life… Health choice

Today I learned that fear is a natural part of certain times in my life. The larger lesson is that this fear can defeat me, or in can use the strength gained from feeling the fear to motivate me into action. The choice is entirely mine…

I’ve been having this issue going on for a month or so where no matter how much water I drink it doesn’t fulfill my constant thirst. It seems like it started during my trip to Vegas. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was buying four bottles of water each night because of how thirsty I felt all night. I just put it off to the dry climate. Now two weeks later, and back in Michigan, it haven’t changed, devouring as much water as my stomach will hold and still feeling thirsty. Up to six trips to the bathroom every night has me sleep deprived and unfocused. On top of this, I’ve lost almost 20 pounds in one and a half months.

Everything everyone tells me has the word diabetes tied to it… This word is what brought up the fear within me. Knowing that ignoring it builds the fear stronger, I allowed myself to feel the fear and ask, “how do you what this to go Joe”?

In the past, something like this would leave me depressed and beaten. Even before I saw a doctor and found out what the problem is. Tonight, I realized this situation has given me the opportunity to practice owning my Creatorship and I have to admit that I’m a little excited to apply my learnings into this situation. Now don’t get me wrong, I do have an appointment with my doctor on Friday, because he will know how to explain the mechanics of my body, related to these symptoms better than I can understand on my own. Between this moment and then, I get to place my effort on knowing my health is perfect and that I can create a clean bill of health for myself, which if expect to confirm on Friday. I have something concrete to sink my teeth into, in proving to myself, my ability to determine the outcome of my life!

Actually, as I think more about this, regardless of the prognosis I receive from the doctor, all this is supposed to be in my path. I will find out why I brought this event into my life, what I’m supposed to learn from it and who I’m supposed to assist from this life lesson.

After the initial posting of this, I spoke to one of my two best male friends and he told me his nephew just had the same symptoms and it ended up being a bug…how cool is that? I come to a conclusion and instantly receive feedback supporting my choice… So Awesome!!

How awesome is this path?!?!


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  1. Annette Rochelle Aben   •  

    Awesome SAUCE! I must say I am so excited about you OWNING that CREATORSHIP! And I must say… it is my understanding that when you take a drink of water every 20 minutes, it keeps you from being dehydrated and it is important that it is a sip (meaning not guzzling) because the faster you slug the water down, the fast it moves through you, but sipping, taking a drink, every 20 minutes, you keep the body hydrated which helps with everything from proper muscle function to assimilation of nutrients!! WTG Joe!

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