Lessons Learned in Life… Gratitude

Today I learned more depth about gratitude. I’ve been talking for some time now about how grateful I am for my life. Gratitude for the people in my life. Even the people I used to look at through eyes of hatred, anger and disappointment. I’m grateful for the situations of my life. Even the situations I used to judge as bad or negative. Mainly because they have taught me my greatest lessons.

So as I look at gratitude and how my life transformed, I remember a couple years ago I started to do a daily personal inventory every night and during this time of reflection, I would list out me gratitudes. Almost everyone has heard about a gratitude list, right? A list of things in our life we can pull up to help remind us of how good life is. It’s important for me to have this list, although it’s only part of the equation applied which lead to how I’ve come to find true happiness in my life.

The other portion of the work I did was to spend time reflecting back on my day and being honest about how much time I spent during that day in my gratitudes versus how much time I spent trying to make something good.

For instance, when I first started this process, I realized I would let my son spend hours watching television alone, while I sat on the phone trying to make a negative relationship positive. Now this is after spending a whole year and $15,000 fighting for 50% custody of his time.

Thank God I learned the benefits of self-honesty because without the capability of being honest with myself I would not of been able to realize I spent very little time living in my gratitudes and the time I did spent with them was spent trying my best to protect them, as my thinking back then as they can be taken from me. It stated out with an estimated 20% of my time living in my gratitudes versus 80% trying to produce gratitude in situations that did not hold any.


As things unfolded and circumstances unfolded, I would take a minute to ask myself “is this my gratitude or not”. A simple yes or no answer. If it was something I was grateful for, I kept going. If not, I would change what I was doing. It might not sound like much, but I can tell you my friend, it has pole voluted me into a level of happiness I never knew existed. And it’s self-feeding, because it grows my gratitudes when I focus on living in the areas that I’m already grateful for. At the same time, the things that happen that I’m not grateful for seem to vanish, which allows me more time for happiness!

A real WIN/WIN we have here!!


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  1. Annette Rochelle Aben   •  

    WoW! I am totally relating to this and as such I am smiling! Thanks for sharing and bringing the attitude of gratitude to the minds of so many and encouraging them to embrace it with all their heart! WTG

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