Lessons Learned in Life – Forgiveness (the unfolding)

Today I learned that owning my Creatorship means I have to take responsibility for the love as well as any hatred or resentments in my life. Not such an easy pill to swallow!

In trying to understand what true forgiveness is, I realize I do not yet know. It appears I’m in the same position with regards to unconditional love. This was brought to my attention through my great teacher and friend on Friday afternoon, during my breathing session, when she explained to me how my emotions about a matter showed her I held resentment and asked how I would be able to assist anyone else in owning their Creatorship when I’m not owning my own. I so love her!!

In reviewing and writing about love and forgiveness, I found that I know how to keep resentments and dislikes of people, places and things at bay so they don’t cause me daily pain like they used to. I know how to adjust my focus and thinking away from areas that still have my emotions tied to them. But if I am going to ‘own my Creatorship’ and live to my souls highest level, I cannot afford hatred, dislike and discord flowing through me.

There are areas of my life that I say I no longer hold hatred towards, but the instant a situation comes up that involves that person, place or thing referred to above, I get a surge of emotions that run through my veins. Usually the emotion is not happiness. It’s more like anger, rage… This shows me I haven’t forgiven, I haven’t reached unconditional love.

The positive in all this for me is that I know, without a doubt that I will understand and live through unconditional love… That I will know the heart and soul of forgiveness. I am as confident as I am about this because my soul has the desire to know these things and I’ve never felt a desire of my soul that hasn’t been fulfilled. It’s like that for all of us.

In addition, just like every other life lesson I’ve been gifted with, everywhere I turn, new insights and information to assist me show up. Without me seeking it out. As a quick example, I was talking to my Sister today and without her knowing about any of this, she talked to me about forgiveness and how she has learned to employ forgiveness in her life. AWESOME!!!

I expect this journey into forgiveness and unconditional love will be filling my writing pages over the next bit of time and I am as excited about sharing this life’s lessons as it unfolds within me as I am to hear from you. Your experiences about forgiveness & unconditional love as application to questions, to sticking points and road blocks.

Please leave your comments… Please help me spread this area of my love to anyone & everyone who may understand and need and appreciate the commonality of growing spirituality through lifes-lessons!

The love & support I am receiving from ya all’ humbles me with deep gratitude!!



  1. BREATH MASTER   •  

    I see only the souls agenda now happening at a quickened pace, you are leaning , stepping, bending, to match the new energy field which is your highest potential, the desire to create anew , and then share it is awesome , Vibrate from the heart space, walk the path with the inner eyes wide-open, and we will see each on this glorious journey and continue to teach each other, life lessons, I honor you

    Forgivesness is a state of being

    • lifes.lessons48@gmail.com   •     Author

      You speak so much to how I feel! I am so grateful for the learning & teaching I receive working together. I feel like I’m floating. Not in a high sort of way, but like my soul has arrived on a different floor of my house.
      Everything you wrote, everything you’ve explained to me, everything you’ve taught me is coming to fruition!


  2. Bossy   •  

    You’re starting out right, your souls DESIRE is to learn how to forgive. When the desire is there no one and nothing can stop you but you. Give it to God and it all will fall into place. It’s a feeling like no other when that weight is lifted off of you and God takes over! I love having peace in my spirit and once you have it no one can take it away (unless you allow them to) because He’s right there with you fighting those that come up against you. I love you and you WILL make this happen in your life, I have faith.

    • lifes.lessons48@gmail.com   •     Author

      I know. I still can’t believe our conversation yesterday and how you talked about forgiveness. Amazing!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave comments!

      I love ya Sis!!!

  3. BREATH MASTER   •  

    New Thought : How do I allow myself to swim in this infinite ocean of love, forgiveness, joy, peace, and not pick up the hammer again, its only me I am forgiving ,I am just showing up in different cloaking forms , its all me,


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