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Owning Our Creatorship…

Today, I heard it… I heard it loud and clear! It’s really the first time I’ve heard it in quite some time. Although it came from outside myself, the moment the words were spoken something inside me said “it’s about time, this has been going on long enough and needs to stop.”oh, that’s not all it said…lol it continued “now we can get back to the life we know”…

The words were simply, “We gotta pay the bills”. Seems harmless, right? A couple years back I would have signed up to that same way of thinking. Today, I felt the potential harm these words can cause and I know that feeling so very well, because I lived with it most of my life.

The conversation was surrounding me talking about how much passion I have for this “Owning My/Your Creatorship” and recently my regular job seems like work. It hasn’t been that way, with regards to my current employment situation. It’s been six years of feeling excited about finding leads and cold calling. Making that first appointment and steering that initial meeting into something I could sink my teeth into. A quote. It’s been the charge of having say-so into the final pricing and negotiating final terms. The sense of achievement of being awarded the purchase orders. It’s been tenacity flowing through me. My job has allowed me to deliver on my favorite quote, ‘failure is not an option’.

Right now the above paragraph best describes how I feel about my passion to help people open their soul, find their path and live in awesome peace, manifesting their souls desires and spreading the awakening world-wide! I am finding as my passion in this work gains momentum, my work is temporarily seeming more like work. A job. Tasks… Am I being clear…lol

Ok, so going back to the ‘words’ that I heard so clearly today. Why wouldn’t these words try to guide me back to familiar ground, I did my 1st freakin live radio interview! HELLO!! My blog is spreading like wildfire!! People are showing up and it seems in them doing their work supports and assists me in doing mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I realize there are still beliefs within me from past programming… Beliefs like “you have to have a typical job”, “quit pipe dreaming (which I found out later in life is NOT dreaming with a lit pipe), “you not that important, keep your day job”, quit living in fantasy land”. I think you get the point, although there are more thoughts trying to grab hold of me. Trying to convince me that this is a passing phase that will be a waste of time.


That was my word of reply to myself. Delivered in a ‘cap lock’ sort of way.

I did that because it helps me to allow myself a break from my thinking long enough to focus on my breathing.
Focusing on my breathing allows me to get in touch with my spirit.

My eagle spirit reminds me that there are no boundaries, no limits, no roadmap, no can’t’s (did not know how to write that one). There are beliefs, but ultimately they are determined by me, by my Creatorship, for my life. The fear I feel comes about from any feelings of unworthiness whirling around inside me. It’s fear of all these amazing people and events that support me and my passions not being real, which I thought I settled when I chose to believe the drive I took to a Sedona on January 23rd was with my a Dad and the moment I felt his presence in the car was the same time he left is human body.

Those thoughts that grab hold from words of lack, or not being good enough, or not measuring up, or not deserving may show up from time to time in my life, as well as they may for you, the reader. What I am noticing is life seems to be bringing me much bigger opportunities in between the hiccups of old programming. How awesome is that?! How awesome is it that even after the negative emotions are thanked and passed, I find myself with added blessings, on a higher level of gratitude and the whole process deepens my knowing and awakening!



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  1. Annette Rochelle Aben   •  

    JOY! true JOY! Such inspiration in your sharing, the genuine honesty of who you are and what you are living is more than apparent. You are celebrating the guiding force of life to it’s fullest! Thank YOU!

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