Lessons Learned in Life (Our drive to Sedona together)

Words of Encouragement and an incredible story regarding my dying Father and our trip to Sedona to free his soul.

I preference this writing with knowing the following accounts are still having a tough time sinking into myself. I’ve spoken to my mentors about this and they all tell me the same thing. I can choose to believe everything that happened during this trip, or I can choose not to. Either way is correct.

I never liked answers like that!

This is a continuation of my previous writing. When I figured out the trip I was supposed to make to Sedona wasn’t with my son. It was with my dying father that laid in a bed at a wonderfully caring hospice center in Gilbert Arizona…

Even after my last writing I sat in the hospice center trying to remove the thoughts and feelings about making this trip. Mostly due to me wanting to be there for my family. Somewhere between 2:00 & 2:30, the feelings became strong enough that I told my sister that I’m leaving. I told her a bit of the inner direction I was feeling, so she wasn’t surprised when I finally made the decision. In fact, she said that took long enough. I left the hospice center and filled the fuel tank. I also bought a bottle of water and a bag of orange slices. These were Dad’s favorite road snack. I plugged Sedona into my GPS and off I went.

From early on in the trip, I tried to make connection with my Dad. I did so through my thoughts, trying mental telepathy. I don’t really even understand what that is, but I figured it was worth a try. I tried feeling his presence from my heart… nothing. Then I tried actually talking to him, like as if he were sitting in the passenger seat… nothing. I didn’t get it, but somehow I knew I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing with this whole trip. I somehow knew I was helping him to leave his human body through this act.

Somewhere between an hour and an hour and a half outside Sedona I felt my dad’s presence. I didn’t arrive in a shocking way or anything like that. It was calm. It was untouchable but without a certain there with me. There were not any words at first, just a feeling of his presence. I don’t know when the conversation started and I don’t know how much was verbal, how much thought or how much feeling, but I recollect all three forms were involved. I don’t remember what exactly he said at first, I think because I was so awed at this unfolding right there before me. Maybe something about my driving because I remember stating ‘that’s not funny’, then a minute later stating ‘well, maybe a little’ and I smiled and I know he did too, although I didn’t see his face.

Again, as I’m writing this, I’m trying to be as detailed as I can, but I really have no idea if my communications were thoughts, feelings or verbal.

At one point I asked Dad, if he can describe for me where he was and what it looked like. Hos only word was ‘nope’. I waited some time to see if he would elaborate, but he didn’t. Once I realized what I was waiting for I laughed because this was exactly his nature. I remember having a sense that he was comfortable and secure. Calm and at ease with where he was.

There was a lot of quiet time in between our communications, like when the two of us took long drives and neither of us felt like we had to talk the whole time. I knew he was there though. And he knew I knew. At one point I remember thinking to myself, maybe I should ask him if there is anything I should pass on for him. The moment I did this, a picture of my mom popped up in the front of my head (almost like I could see her in the windshield) and the response I received was ‘Thank here for an incredible love and an incredible life’. Sometime latter a vision of my older brother popped up, exactly as my mom had. The response I received was number one. Somehow I knew it didn’t mean oldest and within moments I realized it meant the torch has been officially passed within our family. The other thing I knew from the response is that I was supposed to support my brother and assist him however I could. Sometime later my sister popped up. The oldest of the two and the response was ‘I adore her’.

Sometime passed from my sister without any communcations, but again, I knew he was there. Almost like he was enjoying the scenery of the mountians. After a while I tried to put a picture of me in the place I had seen my other family members. I tried this a few times until I finally received the response ‘you already know’.

By this time we rolled into Sedona and I expected we were going to headed up to devils bridge, thinking we would be getting out of the car and walk a bit and enjoy the scenery. Like most times when I try to implement my will when I should be following, we pulled and I recognized this feeling that had been with me since we reached the towns edge. It was direction to turn around and head back. I drove almost 3 hours to not even get out of the car and drive back. I thought. My next thought was ‘I don’t mind giving you a ride but you could have given me gas money’. I laughed and I’m not sure if I heard his laughter, but I knew he laughed too.

As I headed back it seemed like his presence faded. Felt like he was still with me but if felt like a lessor portion than on the way into town. A bit into the trip back I picked up my phone, which I haven’t done all the way to Sedona. There were two voice mails on my phone. One from my younger brother and one from the oldest sister. I called my brother and he answered. I knew why they were calling. He asked where I was and a few other questions. I finally said Dad died, didn’t he? He responded ‘yes’. I asked if he was OK and got off the phone. Next I contacted my sister and when she answered she immediately said, ‘you were right Joey, Dad was waiting for you to take him on you trip’. We both started crying and I told her what he said about here. That he adored her. We cried more.

I little bit later my son called me and asked where I was. Without explaining I told him I was about an hour & a half away (which was underestimating) and he told me my mom was going to be angry if I wasn’t there in a hurry. I called my sister back and asked to talk to mom without explaining all the details. She did and I was able to talk to my mom, who asked me, ‘did you have to go so far?’ I told her what my Dad said about her. We also cried together on the phone. She explained she had given everyone direct instructions that nothing is to happen until I arrive back at the hospice center, which I so much appreciation her doing so. The rest of the trip back I spent trying to sort through everything that had happened as if I was trying to make sense of it all.

Although in the past I have not given much credit to souls communicating, I am sold on the idea from this point forward. It starts with a belief in it being possible. From there again I must say, since I’ve started working on learning to feel direction from my soul, instead of thinking my way through life, my life is on an entirely different path. I stated in my Dad’s eulogy, now instead of recording my hiking trips and sharing them with him after the fact, he can be right there with me as it all unfolds.

My Dad always seemed to have words of wisdom for us during difficult times. Like now, i expect he is saying, I’m still here to lean on and receive guidance from. Just ask & believe the answer will come!


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  1. BREATH MASTER   •  

    Namaste my brother, I am so grateful for your sharing of this profound life lesson, I am so proud of you, you help us all who are in the midst of having to open our hearts and grip on this life we have experienced and let the light of our creator come through , you are in sync, and your Father has now become more available for then ever before to be one of your greatest teachers. He is not anywhere ,is now with you and will remain, you and he are one and the same, Oh ,yeah this is Creatorship 101 ,

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