Lessons Learned in Life… Creatorship awakened

Today I am seeing the benefits of owning my Creatorship! Again today, I felt like Although I was part of the world around me, it was from a different angle, or level. Situations that arose had only moments of my emotions and I automatically recognize their value to me and felt a sense of gratitude.

I had several situations occur throughout the day today. I won’t go into specific details, do to anonymity, but I will say that all three of the situations that stand out would typically pull on my emotions. The first would pull anger, the second would be resentments no the third would hit me in the sadness sadness department. Nt too long ago, I would have spent the day fighting negative feelings. My ego would have started issuing orders about who was wrong, who was right and now to put each situation in order. Or I would have gone in the other direction and withdrew from everyone involved. Kind of waited for the wind to die down… I did neither.

Instead I breathed when I felt emotions rising. Only a handful of breathes is all it took for me to see that my real desire was to be of assistance in all three situations.
It was right there, in the frontal lobe of my mind. I knew as the situations were unfolding that my only will was to be of help. That allowed me to sidestep all the ego stuff and focus on what was being told to me. With that information I was able to ask questions. The only real purpose of my questions was to help the person I was speaking to see the whole thing in a light of their favor of choices.

I feel so humbled in my life. In these works that I GET to do. How awesome is this!

My questions: My big question right now is how can I expand my works to reach a minimum of one million people within 2014?
My affirmation: The people who’s awakening I can assist will seek and find me!



  1. BREATH MASTER   •  

    So it appears as though all of those who choose to go with the feeling in their gut ,THAT SOMETHINGS UP! Meaning whats going on around here? And then move out for insight and answers they come easily and beautifully, like the inhale and the exhale of mother earth, and rays of the sun, allowing ourselves to expand just a little each day sets off and chain reaction ,that effects the whole of us. and we meet out light bearers , way-showers , every where we go, How easy is all this stuff! when we just open up,
    Your a fast tracker, but then you already knew that didn’t you?

    • lifes.lessons48@gmail.com   •     Author

      I so much appreciate your comments and I CANNOT wait to read your book! You have such an awesome way with words! They lift my spirit to new levels!!

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