Lessons Learned in Life… Character

Actually my lesson started a few days ago while re-reading a book I’ve read several times, cover to cover. You know, that book that you use as your life’s reference manual? It could be the Bible for some, the actual book title isn’t important.

The initial writing of this blog started on May 21st. This whole subject of character building has been a constant unfolding up to this publishing. I’m finding this to be probably the most complex subject of study I’ve come across. It touches every aspect of my life. Internally it is directly linked to my self-esteem. I’m realizing that my character, or lack of, parallels throughout all my relationships.

As I was reading, I came across an area that spoke about character building. It stated that although most of us talk about wanting to build character, when it comes between building true character or comfort, the majority chooses comfort. That got me thinking about my own life.

More specifically about what areas of my life am I settling for comfort because I’m either afraid to choose the path of building character, or it’s easier to be comfortable. So far, I’m realizing fear is more times than not, my reason for choosing the comfort although I am clearly being shown the times when it’s just been easier to choose comfort over the work of building character. Typically, when I fear an outcome I would not enjoy, it’s easier to pacify the situation by going along with, or not standing my ground as to what I know, need or believe.

I find I’m asking myself questions such as, “Where am I choosing to be ‘almost’ completely honest?”. This has been a more prominent theme throughout my adult life than I want to admit. Instead of being completely honest in situations, I leave out a portion of truth to allow me wiggle room later on. I’ve sold myself on the reason for this dishonesty is to help the other person in some way, or not to come across as hurtful or a hundred other good lines of BS, but the full truth honesty seems to always come down to selfishness of some type on my part.

Another huge lesson I’ve learned that really helps guide me is that true character doesn’t limit what I say. The desire to build character helps immensely in how I say things, but I haven’t found any subjects to be taboo.

I expect there to be more coming on this subject!


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