Lessons Learned in Life… Blessed is a choice

Today I’m learning life is filled with blessings. They swarm us constantly, to the point of overwhelming gratitude. I’m learning how to allow them to penetrate my heart and soul.

It seems like all areas of my life are growing with blessings. Not just material things, but they are included as well. It’s the daily feeling of not only truly knowing myself but enjoying my own company. It’s traveling for business and being able to relax, all by myself. And at the same time feeling the depth of love in the relationships in my life. It’s a feeling or knowing that everything is in perfect order.

What’s amazing is that I’m able to feel like this way in one of the toughest emotional years I’ve had, with my Dad passing in January, recently finding out I have diabetes, and experiencing a close friend crashing due to addiction. Revisiting the perfect order thought, As much as I miss him, I know Dad is in no better place and his spirit lives amongst us. My diagnosis is helping me to finally learn and practice healthy eating. My friend is reaching out and allowing God to save their life.

All this hit me the other night, while talking to a friend on the phone. In sharing gratitude about life he commented “I can’t wait until I hit that point, of having good things show up for me”. This is exactly how I used to see things. I’ll be happy when I get (fill in the blank)…

My gratitude started back when I was paying out more money every month than I had coming in. I would have to utilize a credit card to grocery shop the weeks I had my son. I struggled to find $20 for work money week after week. I as paying child support, spousal support, health insurance and major visa debt because a judge told me I would. My support team would not let me file bankruptcy because they said I had to experience trusting God to help me fulfill my obligations. I was not in a relationship, or in unhealthy relationships. It was while living like this that I was taught to be grateful. To feel the blessings God was bestowing upon me. To trust that if I could relinquish even a splinter of my fear, my faith would grow by forests.

Several years later… I was able to purchase my dream bike last week. A 2014 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special. Absolutely Awesome!! At the same time, the bike in itself isn’t the gift. It’s the experiences or memories that really have me excited. The ride to Ohio & New York with a friend in June. The experience of jumping on it this summer and riding to whatever campground I end up at. My 3,500 mile ride from Arizona back to MI in the fall.

And most of all, it’s in knowing that if the bike went away, if the job changes or whatever may happen in ‘life to come’, I will have all my needs met, well beyond what I can imagine. We all do. All we have to do is to choose to shift our focus. Find one thing to consider a blessing and then another and pretty soon they will start to pop up automatically… I dare you to try it!


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  1. Annette Rochelle Aben   •  

    awesome sauce! I celebrate your every success

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