Lessons Learned in Life… Ask & It Shall Be Given

Well hello All! I’ve so much missed this part of my life!

Ok, so here is am. I now live in an apartment in Iowa, 474 miles away from my previous home in michigan. I’m settling into a new place, new job and what should be new discoveries all around me.

It seems like it’s all happened in the blink of an eye…

In all the shuffle of my son graduating and relocating to Arizona, his graduation party, me accepting a new position, finding a place to live, listing and selling my home, finding a home, packing, moving and unpacking, all in a matter to two months it’s no wonder that my mind (and body) have been moving at a pace that feels quicker than the speed of light!

So as I’m reaching the tail end of completing this portion of my life puzzle, moving forward from things that I’ve tied my heart to, I’ve been feeling lost. I have been doing what I do best with it all, spitting it out to anyone that will listen. This seems to bring some immediate relief, but nothing that lasts for mouth longer than the hiccups…

I’ve continued my soul journey to the best of my ability. Working via satellite with my great teacher on a regular basis. I’ve checked out local churches searching for substance, definition, clarity… Something!

Sunday while breathing and working with my breath worker, she Asked me such a simple question… She asked, “have you asked your spirit (God) why you are here, in this place right now?” I blew over it quickly, to get to the real issue of her helping me to figure out the answers to my questions. Later that evening, while scanning the TV, I came across Joyce Myers, and she was saying how before we bring our issues to other people, we aught to bring them to God first. Coincidence? I think not.

So in going to bed I said as simply as possibly, ‘God, in seeing the unfolding of the reasons from all the travels you’ve led me through so far in my life, I know you. Have me here for a reason. Please reveal your love and your direction for my life. Please open my spirit to see the purpose. It hit me hard and I started to cry from the overwhelming ness of it.

That question has opened my soul to hope, to the belief that even though it doesn’t yet make sense to me, it will…

So for the past two months, I’ve been traveling around feeling empty, drained, sad, lonely & alone. Today I go to work and have a meeting with a guy and the conversation leads to God. Imagine that, a fellow co-worker that I’m able to discuss our faith together. Not only that, he told me about a person starting a church with a unique way to open the door to God. So wouldn’t you know it, I’m out and about tonight, minding my own business and BAM… I happen to run into the gentleman who started the church.

Overall, I don’t know if the plan is I to assist him, but I do know that my heart is completely open to following my souls path. I know that by asking my soul, my God my questions, it not only brings me more satisfying answers, but it frees me from me!



  1. BREATH MASTER   •  

    Namaste, Wow !!!there you are finding the good stuff in life, attracting all the good stuff, thats it! Gratitude in my heart that your on your way traveling the road to happy destiny,If I go out everyday knowing that God’s plan is active and I am to here to bring light no matter where I find myself .If you become a vibrational match of that which you want to attract, the universe can not help but bring that match to me. So I clear the table and clean up my vibration and watch what comes to me.
    Make sense?
    Om Namaha Shiva

  2. Annette Rochelle Aben   •  

    Well, great to hear from you again and wishing you well on your new adventure! Celebrating your every success

    • lifes.lessons48@gmail.com   •     Author

      Thank you my friend!! I am looking forward to catching up with you. As I am getting up ot par with all the wonderful things I’ve been missing, I can see how your wings have spread!!

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