Lessons Learned in Life… I Am

Today I learned that the positive quotes my Spiritual Mentors make have taken on a whole new concept for me. I’ve been mimicking their words without realizing the full impact until today. Quotes such as, ‘You are absolutely perfect exactly as you are’.

Up until this point and time I understood and utilized these words as my defense mechanism against someone’s attacks, criticisms or anyone’s need to be critical towards me. Not in a “gotcha” manner, or payback sort of way, but as a means of building myself healthy self-esteem. And guess what, these phrases have brought astonishing changes to my life. Better results than anything I’ve tried up to this point. Using these phrases internally, as well as externally to the folks I needed to stand up against have helped me to halt allowing my life to be led around based on others words, thoughts and desires.

Receiving these words of wisdom have been an awing experience for a guy like me. And on top of that, tonight I was given the gift of a whole new level of understanding and appreciation for these motivational phrases!

Are ya-all ready for this?? Lol

I realized that by allowing these I words to penetrate my soul, I don’t even have a need for a defense. Let me say it a different way. By believing the truth, “that we are all perfect reflections of God”, I have no need for a defense… Make sense? Let me explain further. When I know without a doubt who and who’s I am, it doesn’t make any difference what someone says or does to me. It cannot rock me. If I know me as God knows me, somebody’s criticalness towards me will not be able to alter one sliver of my being.

In reverse, when I was half-believing in my being a miracle, anytime someone critics me, in any way, their words become my battle field for self-sabotage and self-doubt. The less we know of who we are, the more likely someone can convince us of who they need or see us to be. Someone very dear to me once told me, “unless you fully know yourself, at some point someone will come along and sell you a bill of goods that will do irreparable damage to your self-esteem”. I now realize the fullness of these words. I also realize that it doesn’t say if I somewhat know myself, or partially know myself. It says, I have to “fully know myself”.

I’m not saying it doesn’t take practice to  stop my thinking, open my soul, and let these words permeate my being, because it does, but what a rewarding declaration!!

So yet again, through owning my Creatorship, I am reeping benefits so wide and so far beyond what I could have ever imagined, and the awesome thing about it is that it all proves… We are all huge rock stars… Diamonds, not in the making, but brilliantly dazzling rocks, and all we have to do is admit to it and see ourselves as wonderful essences of God, and we will shine for the world to see and grow from!!


Just putting this out there… If anyone is having difficulty seeing themselves as anything other than what I’ve written, please, please please, leave me a comment or send me a private email to lifes.lessons49@gmail.com. Absolutely confidential. My passion is to spread what’s been given me!


  1. Bossy   •  

    Y’all nailed it in paragraph 4!!! Love you and keep up the wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement!

  2. BREATH MASTER   •  

    So here you go blazing down the trail, you are in the essence of owning your Creatorship ,hearing more ,seeing more, being more, you remind me of my own hyper-awareness,all the time and how to lovingly , gently,guide myself one breath at a time.to the truth of who and what I really am. The call to service has gone out , if you are awakening and are aware of it that’s great .But now you and I have a responsibility to calm the waters ,tell others how to navigate the changes ,stay buoyant,how to cope ,how to shield .Your mission if you choose to accept it is awaiting you. You wrote the script so you already know your part, join the conversation of humanity’s awakening. come on , its ok. really

  3. BREATH MASTER   •  

    Any time you notice your mind visiting familiar neighborhoods of negativity, reroute it with thoughts about the things, people, and circumstances for which you’re grateful. Gratitude opens the heart to the world around you in the same way being in love makes the world seem like a kinder and more benevolent place. You’re not only happy, but inspired—available to receive whatever ideas and inspirations may come your way.

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