Lessons Learned in Life… The ol’ Oak

I find myself sitting here in my truck, at a park that I frequent when I need to time to gather my thoughts or to slow down the world. On this particular day, I was attempting to slow down the final 4 minute drive to the office.

As I pulled into the parking lot I caught sight of a mighty oak tree, in all it’s splendor. The base of the trunk is larger than my arm span. The first offshoot of branches is probably 12 to 15 feet off the ground.

On this hazy morning, with the sun barely peeking, it seems the only light around is highlighting the branches and leaves of my new found friend.

The highlighted feature that really captured my sight is the root system. Most of the roots went directly below the ground surface, from the trunk and I’m sure quite deep in the soil.

But there was one section, about 14-20 inches wide the runs somewhat parallel to the surface of the ground. It runs that way for roughly two feet before it turns downward and disappears beneath the dirt and grass surface that it appears to be resting on.

While I’m viewing all this I get a thought that everything above the ground is based on the root system. And hoe its the same for me as it is for my mighty friend and present teacher.

As I peer up the main trunk every imperfection is perfectly in its place to make him unique, to any other oak that has been or ever will be. Everything about him is determined by his root system.

So I consider my own existence…

First of all, where is my root system planted?

Am I planted in a spiritually rich environment, that allows me to be myself, as I am in this very moment? Like the oaks soil, do I have spiritually rich people surrounding me and am I spiritually rich in others lives? Am I choosing healthy choices for my life? Spiritually? Physically? Environmentally?

If not… WHY?

That lesson will bring about my greatest lessons!




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