Lessons Learned in Life… Love

In my search for fulfilling my mantra, “I am the man I want me to be”, I have touched on an area I have not experienced thus far in my travels…

This whole battle lesson is bringing more light into the idea of change coming about through peaceful means, something completely new to me. All based on a simple question, “What if there didn’t have to be an enemy?”

What if I came all the freaking way to Iowa, to be told by a group of guys that don’t even really know me, that they love me? And what if the lesson in hearing this would be to challenge my incorrect beliefs about love? To dig down to the minuscule fibers of the root of my untruth.

The untruth that love has to be built over time. That love is something only shared through deep relationships. What if maybe, love really is abundant and free for each of us, to give in unlimited supply to each other, regardless if we think and act alike.

Further, what if love is an instant decision where we can choose to give & receive at any moment, under any circumstances and are only limited by the amount of our choice? What if love isn’t supposed to be saved for only certain people our paths cross?

To witness love from someone willing to take the time to spend time talking to me about all this and being willing to speak up with words that were obviously spiritual intervention seems to be evidence of this possibility. Along with the uncountable number of people that have been showing me the same example through my entire life. Even before I realized they were doing so!

This brings me to an affirming prayer… God, I want change and it’s possible without having to feel the victim or without a battle, please show me! Please help me to know love as you intend it to be and please help me to see your loving will for me!!

What if…
Love is free & unlimited
Love is strangers as well as the most intimate relationships
Love is peace and calmness
Love is the absence of fear & lack

What if…
We don’t have to fight for love
We don’t have to battle to find or give love
We don’t have to earn love
We don’t have to struggle




  1. Breath master   •  

    I am deeply honored to experience the fire of your being begin to ignight.This heart flame has grown and grown , the love without conditions,or unconditional nonjudgmental love would be the freedom we all seek. Thank for your willingness to keep trudging .Namaste

  2. Breath master   •  

    You never know who may help you. And why may you need help? For you are not a sole person, but a soul. The soul is one aspect of an indivisible Spirit. Spirit is essence, consciousness, love. How do you divide that? You cannot. It simply flows. You can temporarily dam up the flow by looking upon others with disdain, criticism, judgment, and the other lesser traits of human beings, but the flow is there or you would cease breathing.
    Take in a breath when the sense of separation threatens to overwhelm you and allow Flow to flow. There, you see? All exist for a reason. Count no one out. All participate in the flow in one way or another.

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