Lessons Learned in Life… Practice

Words of Encouragement…

Today, I spent the day practicing, which I believe is really the best I can ever achieve. It seems the days I work on practicing this thing called life, some small aspect of it, the more I feel in tune with the ultimate energy force around me. I see where the more I have this outlook, the more loving I feel towards myself and others.

I have a friend of mine that used to tell me “the most overlooked word in the entire dictionary, (with regards to living a healthy life) is the word practice”. I’ve also heard “practice these principals in all our affairs”. In taking time to ponder this thought, I could make the argument that our entire existence is about practice. I reach out, open up, learn, become aware, or however I choose to describe the insights that flow to me. The next step is to either disregard the information, or to start practice implementing it into my life.

For myself, more and more of my life becomes practice. For instance, I continue practicing healthy eating habits. I think this is an area I struggle with on a regular basis. Every day I wake up with the intention of going to bad that night knowing I treated my body the way I want others to treat me. In my past, a bad day of eating lead to me making myself so miserable about who I am, all based on what I ate or didn’t eat, that I would eat again to take away the pain I put myself in…

Here’s what I have found for myself with regards to practicing anything…

Ultimately, everything I practice is love, or the lack of love. In order for me to practice anything in love, I have to do so WITHOUT judgment! Anytime I use judgment in my practices, I’ve lost. It took me a while to be able to put aside good or bad, right or wrong, success or failure, in order to be enough, just being ME.

It seems from my experience that the more I realize I’m practicing life, the deeper understanding I receive that I’m never going to be perfect. This means where I am right now, in this second, is as close to perfect as I can get. How awesome of a thought is that? Really?! Not only is there no judgment in it, but it frees me of any negativity towards myself. I have actually thought to myself, “if I was as close to perfection yesterday while doing so & so, how much closer must I be doing this”.

When I realize the full impact of this thought, I automatically want to eat healthier, regardless of whatever I’ve done up until this point. I want to ask for help from others, without feeling like I’m weak for doing so. I want to keep going forward because I know I can. Practicing life is SOOOOO much easier than performing it “right”.

I am not saying that by removing judgment and looking at life as practicing will bring my weight down to 185 pounds. What I am saying is that looking at life as a practice helps me to remove judgment. And by removing judgment, I feel more love (motivation) to “Be”. And by ‘Being”, is how mountains are moved…

I hope whoever reads this can take one item from their life today, something that has been causing them guilt, shame, sadness or unhappiness of any kind and practice one thing different with regards to it. That you can see your practicing & are perfect exactly as you are in this moment. And you see even if the outcome isn’t a homerun today, that you are at batting practice preparing to experience seeing the ball disappearing into the stands, and you WILL have your chance to do the slow run around the bases. We all do. It’s the plan for each of us. All we have to do is believe, bask in this moment and keep on practicin’!

These are my words of wisdom, I’d like to hear yours!


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