Lessons Learned in Life… Living in NOW

Words of Encouragement…

My readings the past few days have all related to living in the present moment. Over time I’ve realized that my worries and fears are never tied to the moment I am in, or the place I stand. They are ALWAYS related to what if, how will I… Somewhere down the road.

A good example for me is back in 2007, when I smashed a company car into a tree, brought about by me drinking and driving. The amount of fear this brought on for me was huge. Fear of going to jail. Fear of losing my job. Fear of not being able to drive because the great state of Michigan would yank my driving privileges. Fear of not having money to pay my obligations. Fear of legal costs and the drama that comes with courts… Endless fears.

Another good example, one which on several occasions threatened the no-drinking rule I’ve lived by since soon after the meeting with the tree, is during the child custody to gain 50% time with my son. Every thought I had was fear driven and although I couldn’t understand it while it was all whirling, every fear was surrounding “out there”. I didn’t think I would ever be able to be his father, or get to share the things I felt were important. I thought our life together would consist of the every other weekend drop in’s that I heard so much about and I hated that thought. The more hatred I felt, the more fearful I became. At one point, my mail would pile up in the mailbox because I was too afraid to find out what might be in there.

Over time, I lost the job and license for 60 days, but in return I found a new way to live life. It involved highs such as seeing miracles happening in my life and the life of others. I was given people to teach me and people I could teach. Because of these events, I know more about unselfish love. I ended up with the 50% custody, which I completely believe is because I didn’t let fear of tomorrow determine my actions throughout the process. A small amount of that and a large amount of God directing the outcome, as always!

I’ve come up with this thought that I love and immediately guides me to correct thinking, whenever I apply it. God is in the present. He is the Now. This moment. I will never see God’s presence in the future. I am only able to see, feel and hear him in the present moment I’m living in. Whenever I’m looking into the future I see myself out there alone. I do have all kinds of examples from my past that show me God will be there with me, when I arrive, but he is only right here with me. This knowing from my past, I consider faith.

Once I’m ready to stop worrying, the following process, initiated with some deep relaxing breathing helps every time…

1-     Stop, take a moment and figure out where you’re at in your head (I promise it will be future).

2-     Bring your thinking into being aware that God is in this moment. Maybe pray that your thinking be brought back to NOW.

3-     Think of your own example of crashes or custody events, where through the process God showed himself in the way events unfolded that were not in your control.

4-     Remember who’s you are. We are all cups of the ocean that is God! Sometimes I can do this on my own and a lot of times it helps me to talk to others about where I am. Actually quite often I find talking to others about where I’m at is how I realize I’m not living NOW. And if I’m really stuck, I find that spending time really listening to someone else talk about their life, slows down my thinking about myself and my troubles.

5-     Take whatever next step is in front of you to take.

I hope this helps someone who may have fear ruling their thoughts. If you in that state of mind and you’ve stumbled onto this reading, I’m excited for you! I’m excited because it means it’s your time to become aware to a life lesson that will aww you!! If that is the case, please leave a comment,

These are my words or wisdom, I would very much like to hear from you!


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