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In the spirit of the season (and maybe due to the first good night’s sleep I’ve had in three days) it seems fitting to take a minute and talk about how blessed I am. Hence G-R-A-T-I-T-U-D-E! Not just for the overflowing abundance that I see, touch & feel whenever I choose to see, such as the past lessons of my life and what they have taught me. And I’m not necessarily referring to money or material things, although I consider myself very fortunate and blessed in this arena as well. I’m learning that material & money are good fortunes that I am supposed to enjoy and take delight in while I walk my path on this beautiful planet, but I want to write about that later…

What I am referring to is this feeling I have within my chest cavity. This feeling of faith I carry in my heart in knowing that my “vibration”, or “my knowledge of who I really am” is growing richer. I actually have a deep, energetic gratitude for what can be. Can you believe that? I’m not sure about anyone who is reading this, but for me, to have even a good feeling about the future is an awesome gift!

“How did I get this feeling”, one might ask. Or not. But either way I’m writing about it! It seems the more I make my decision to feel grateful about right here in this moment, the more faithful I am about expecting the future continuing to stow blessing upon me and life lessons that guide me to who I am. I have to believe the things I’m focusing on, such as self-discovery, meditation and recovery are leading to the awareness of my increasing level of vibration with the One. I am finding the One is everything, including all of us. The gratitude is coming from me being a willing participant in discovering me, which, for me, is ultimately finding God. While recently reviewing some of my personal writings, I came across one where I wrote,

“I set out seeking God,
in doing so I found myself,
which I ultimately found to be one in the same.”

I remember becoming aware of this. It came with an awe! I’m realizing that God is so much more than some sort of higher being up in the sky, or a superior entity deciding the fate or destination of my life. I am a cup of the ocean that is Him. I think about that and how can it mean anything other than, I am Him? A part of Him? “I am He & He is I”. I believe it’s the same for all of us. This in lies the roots of my gratitude.

My gratitude is in knowing I’ve never been nor ever will be limited by anyone or anything outside myself. That the only thing that’s ever held me up from having the perfect life (as I get to define it) is my misunderstanding of who I am. And if that’s correct, then all I have to do is be honest with myself and be open for the events & people that come into my life. What they have to teach me as well as learn from me. It’s all & always there at the perfect time for me to rediscover who I am. WOW!

Happy Thanksgiving to whomever may cross this path!! I hope to receive comments on your words of wisdom.



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