Lessons Learned in Life…. Faith

Words of Encouragement…

I used to think God moved in and out of my life, depending on what I was doing, or how “good” I was being, how faithful I was or how unselfish I was being. I’m learning how crippling this way of thinking is to me, my spirituality, and even my earthly relationships…

I’ve heard for so long, sayings like “God doesn’t move, we do”. It makes sense to me, but I don’t think until recently I’ve realized the depth of this statement. During a conversation with my Dad yesterday, it sank in, how encompassing it is throughout my entire life.

We were talking about my dad’s cancer being back. His frustration, depression and fear over it all. During the conversation I asked him where God was in everything he was dealing with. He told me he hasn’t talked to God since the cancer came back. He feels left behind by God…

That made me think, hence my lesson…

I start out being the best me I can in whatever situation I’m in. We all do. I decide everything about everything through my programming and how I see the world. I do my very best to be a good person and everything entailed with this way of living. I make the best possible decisions I can and during it all, my ego convinces me of what a great man I am. I went as far through life as I could living this way. Eventually I crashed! This applies to all of life, as well as individual situation I’ve come up against.

So I began work at building a strong relationship to whatever I consider God to be. We do this for various reasons. I know for myself, I did so because I ran my life so far into negativity, depression and lack that it came down to finding an entirely new way, or giving up completely, in a very negative way. During this phase I’m living my life by what ‘I THINK’.

On down the line, I now have this awesome relationship that brings new insights, a new discovery of who I am in relation to the world, miracles galore and I’m on top of the world. Ultimately, what we are doing is opening ourselves to being directed, or guided through our path by a higher power (God). I open myself to ‘THY WILL’ and miracles start happening within my life as a regular occurrence. “Miracles” being coincidences for the faithful.

Everything is going along well and I feel like a new person. I’m able to personally relate to the term “reborn”. It makes sense to me. Then, at some point, usually out of ego or complacency, for me, spending the time placing effort into what brought me to this point slow down, or cease completely. I don’t recognize it right away because my ego tells me everything is perfect. My ego wants to run the show and opening myself to an outside power outside cripples it. This is the process where I’m moving away from God. The part I want to recognize within this writing is that when I move away, I’m left with me to deal with life, by myself. I no longer have a captain guiding me. The Spirit wants to be there with me, but I cannot live out of ego and with God at the same time. That’s defining ‘free will’ at its core. One of the terms of EGO is Edging God Out. It’s never ever the other way around.

What’s vitally important for me to remember through it all is He is always there, right in my core, waiting for me. All I have to do is seek. For me seeking comes from silence. Silencing my mouth. Silencing my mind. Silencing all outside noise and opening my heart to feel the presence. The more I ‘Feel’, the more spiritual connection I have and the less ego driven I have to deal with.

These are my words of wisdom, I’d like to hear yours!


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