Hello world! What I learned today…

Welcome to lifes-lessons.com. I’m really excited you came to the site and I’m so excited to start sharing the way’s that every day something happens throughout the day to show me something new about living life, about God’s love & how it always shines upon me and where my real direction comes from.

I am not intending this to be a ‘make me feel good about everything’ type of writing. I’m seeing it more of a rough, tough, let’s get dirty with that sweet aha ending, when… Finally… The lesson appears!

I’m hoping that comments overflow the site from you being as excited to share your experiences/lessons as I am to learn them.

Since adulthood, I’ve experienced struggles, as well as extreme happiness (we’ll get into the details as they apply to illustrating where I come from & what lessons came from them). The struggles & happiness alike seemed like they were much like chance or dictated by outside influence’s. Over this past year, life has brought to me a direction which has opened the doors for my inner discovery. Insights into seeing life as my coach & cheerleader. all the stuff I’ve spend countless hours reading started to not only make sense (for real), but it’s playing out.

The only real effort required from me has been to;

1- be open to it

2- be willing to share what I’ve learned in order to create a community of sharing & growing

3- be honest about me, to me

4- and know it’s EXACTLY how it’s supposed to be!


Peace Brothers & Sisters


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  1. Derek Sands   •  

    Sounds like you’re on a great journey, I look forward to reading your messages on here Joe.

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