Day 5 of 30 day Reprieve…

Seems as though I experienced some technical difficulties… Thanks to the efforts of Derek Sands of Botec Design ( I’m up and running again!!

Today Is day 5! Seeming a bit more challenging than I suspected. In regards to the distractions from outside influence, such as The television, radio and reading are things I feel like I’m missing more than I expected. But they are far from being most of my struggle…

Surprisingly to me, the thing I’m struggling with most is living in my head. Thoughts. Thoughts about everything are constantly consuming my time. I noticed last night an hour and a half flew by with me sitting in my chair and thinking. Thinking about living arrangements, work, life, money, family, toys, should I buy, should I sell, should I buy to sell… Endless thoughts about things I cannot do anything about or that don’t matter.

I am sharing this because I’m a real person, trying to live up to a challenge I’ve put before myself. I read a lot from the people I consider my spiritual mentors and its pissing me off that I’ve never read anything about them struggling like I am with this. The honest people in my life, that have gone this path are sharing with me everyone taking on this type of thing runup against this. I want anyone else who may try something of this nature to know that when they run into this, it’s normal. Just keep pushing forward… Remember how many times Jesus was tempted and just keep going.



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