Day 21 of 30 Day Reprieve… Grieving

There seems to be something taking root through this process…

so far, in 21 days, I’ve taken up drawing, have become much more confident in the work I do. Have been asked to start writing a book, based in my blog, am moving forward with the love of my life and moving in together.

Those are the exterior changes that have come about or strengthened in this past 21 days! From the interior, I’m learning to sit alone, without outside infleunce for longer periods of time than I’ve been capable of to this point. I’ve had to find new ways to pick my spirits up from being down, or make contact with someone to do so, in place of utilizing the TV, music or reading to do so.

It turns out the drawing process has assisted me in processing through the sadness of my Mom passing… I was trying to draw a portrait of her, for no other reason than I wanted to. I tried to do so 3 times one evening and each time could not out two lines together without ripping the page out & starting over.

The next day I realized that these drawings are coming about thorough a meditative process. Since I am still grieving her passing, there is naturally a block that comes up everything I try to draw her. Realizing this allows me to process the emotions and when I time is right, I’ll complete that sketch!!


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