Day 13 of 30 day Reprieve… Compassion

Day 13!! Whoo-Hoo! I’m still surviving, I haven’t gone completely mad or hurt myself or anyone else…lol

Although I feel like I still have some struggle in being present, I seem to be getting more comfortable with entertaining myself, by selecting how I want to spend my time, rather than a tv show or other activity to choose for me. One of the things I haven’t mentioned before (I think), is how I have viewed television for a while now.

I am not sure where I developed this thought, but watching the tube is me, watching other people live out their passion.

Today, the word compassion seemed to keep coming up throughout my day. I realized that there was a long time in my life I confused compassion with caving in. More recently I forwent showing compassion to break the link to caving in. Today, I seem to focus more on being able to show compassion, without picking up whatever it is being discussed. Not always an easy thing. Partially because I’m a male, so I carry the fix-it gene in me, but also because I don’t likely see someone I care about struggle or bothered.

Ultimatly I had to learn how to let other people have their feelings of disappointment. Be able to listen to them without self-sacrificing Myself.

Self-sacrificing is all about going against what’s best for me in order to please someone else…

daba daba dats all folks!



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