Daily Motivation

10/13/15 A guy doesn’t realize what it’s like to lose the bestest friend he’ll ever have until he attends his Mom’s funeral. I’ll miss you every da for the rest of my life!

1/12/14 –  I own my creatorship!

1/9/14 – Freedom starts with me accepting who I am at this moment!

1/5/14 – Recently an anonymous Priest told me, “God’s only power is love.”

1/3/14 – “If you are in the future, then ego seems to be very substantial. If you are in the present, then ego is a mirage, it starts disappearing”. -O

12/26/13 – a really good feeling is when Christmas no longer has that “super excitement” tied to it and I realize it’s because every day seems like Christmas!

12/23/13 – FAITH… Finding Answers In The Heart.

12/19/13 – Today I choose to love me and appreciate the life I’ve been given and enjoy the people placed in my path more than anything else! I will remember it’s all about love!

12/18/13 – A true friend is someone who will take our mate’s side in an argument. In doing so is to help us see ourselves.

12/17/13 – I used to think doing the right thing always feels good. I now realize that is not always the case. Sometimes doing the right thing is much harder… But necessary!

12/15/13 – the calmer I remain, the smoother whatever is going on seems to work out to be. I remain calm through a combination of deep breathing and praying. Works everytime I apply it!

12/14/13 – Whatever my choice for myself is today, it’s absolutely perfect. I cannot choose wrongly.

12/13/12 – Just for today, can I put aside everything I think, feel, expect and believe that is not love. Can I spend the next 24 hours letting love lighten my path? what an amazing day that would be!

12/12/13  Today can be the start to whatever I want my life to be. We each have this Same choice. how exciting is that!?


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