30 Day Reprieve… It’s a Wrap!

What did I learn in my 30 days?

Since the whole purpose of this 30 day experiment was to be active in my life, here are a few of the items I’ve experienced… Travel to Utah & more specifically Moab. Campfires at my property in Iowa. I was able to go climbing up Sand dunes in Michigan with my lil buddy. Got to see the Detroit Lions break a 24 year record by beating the Packers at Lambeau Field! Built on existing friendships. Reconnected with friends. Enjoyed the new Rocky movie with my baby, my son & his bud. And a trip to Arizona.

During this 30 days, I learned I’m able to sketch way beyond what I would have ever described my skill level. I’ve also learned that there is a solitude in sitting down with paper & pencils and sketching. A from if meditation. I found my mind doesn’t wonder as I’m sketching.

I found out how much I appreciate music. One of the things I really missed. I didn’t realize it fully until I was at physical therapy & they had the radio playing. Could have stayed there all day!!

I spent a fair Amount of time in boredom. Where in the past I would have grabbed the remote and turned in something to break the boredom, I was forced to make a selection that involved me. Wasn’t always an easy choice.

I learned that I have everything I need to pull myself out of negative thinking, fear & boredom. This in itself was worth the efforts!

I learned that grieving takes what it takes. I thought I allowed myself enough time to grieve about my Moms passing. The harder I pushed to be done, the stronger my feelings to grab hold of a distraction. Along with this, I learned that whenever I’m reaching for a distraction, it’s to avoid something, which means the distraction will not be something positive for me. Sounds simplistic, but in application in definitely a lesson!

The one thing I missed during this process was structure. I realized that having structure brings additional results. This bring me to December… I’ll be moving into phase ll, with a lil more wisdom, structure and willingness to be open to the lessons that unfold!



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