30 day reprieve…

For whomever may come across this article, I am trying something a bit different…

Over the past few weeks I’ve been feeling like I’m being called to put my practices into play in my life. With the recent passing of my Friend & Mother, lifes seems different, as I would assume it would for everyone else who has lost their second parent. I’m realizing life is different. I am different. I can’t yet describe exactly how, but there is this sense of who I am as an individual is restructured or altered.

Anyway, this calling comes from within my chest area that I’ve mentioned in other writings. It is leading me to detach. Not in an unhealthy way. Quite the opposite actually. I’ve decided as of midnight tonight, which will be November 1st, I am withdrawing from television, radio, reading and instead am going to spend my time being active and purposeful in my life. I am going to shop & cook my food, in place of all the eating out all the time.

I will be updating through posts on a regular basis throughout November, but I’m not planning on sending an email update for each posting, except when a life lesson comes into play.

I’m excited and for whatever reason a bit nervous about taking this on, but let’s see why I’m drawn to this and it’s purpose…

If by some chance you have experience or interest in such a thing, this would be a great time to give out a shout!!




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  1. Lynnette   •  

    what a great idea. I am living my life too. with no one else advise. and loving my life. god is closer to me and i am closer to him then i ever have been. I moved to a happy less stressful place. spending time outside breathing in the air and loving the things around me. walking and feeling the earth around me. opening my eyes to see the beauty in everything. before it is gone and i am gone. I have been playing more music. set up a room in my new house for quiet and reading,a prayer room as i call it. the tv comes on to hear the weather for my job depend on it. i took all the toxic people out of my life and decided to eat clean no processed food. trying to feel better. Spending times with friends and living life to the best i can. Little road trips to clear the mind. Life is Good!

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