Day One of 30 Day Reprive…

Getting ready for bed after day 1! Today was different from my previous Sunday’s…

For one, I had to remind myself countless times today that I already have everything I need within me to thrive through this process. I had to remoind myself of this when a Sunday program I typically watch came on TV. I again had to remind myself of this when I sat idle too long and wanted to grab hold of my go-to book, that I continually refer to as a spiritual lift or reminder. I just kept telling myself that I have everything I need without going outside myself to live a happy healthy life today.

Today I started in meditation and prayer, following by stretching and about a 2 mile walk/jog. Much more walking than jogging. Now that I have the green light on moving my arm, after having my bicep and rotator cuff reattached to my shoulder, it’s rehab time. Not my favorite thing, but the stretching is gaining me mobility.

For whatever reason, I am now taking up sketching. Not sure of the reason for it, but I’m following the guide within and that seems to be where it’s leading me. I have finished my very first sketched Mountian scene today. I utilized multiple shades of lead and even charcoal, not that I can tell the difference. I do have a new respect for people who are skilled at shading! My Mountians look like Halloween scare fest when I finally decided to pull the pencil off the paper. But in this, I found a couple hours of peace & solitude.

I cooked all my meals today and talked on the phone more than usual, which is typically a lot already. I did decide to alter my path by allowing “non teaching” reading. Reading for entertainment. A walk in The Woods, by Bill Bryson. 4 chapters in and enjoying the heck out of it!

My spiritual message today was gifted to me today while breathing with my spiritual teacher and soul sister Paula Rowe of… “Masters do not teach. They raise the vibrational frequency of life consciousness”.




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