Lessons Learned in Life – Beliefs

Today I learned that God’s only experience is love… he has no power to hurt or harm… God cannot not love…
In addition, I learned that seeking God has nothing to do with spending time in my beliefs… To truly seek God, I need to be willing to look outside what I already believe God to be.
My affirmation… I am so much loved by God!



Lessons Learned in Life… Gratitude

Today I learned something pretty big… I learned that happiness is in this moment and isn’t someplace to get to or grow into. I learned that I can be happy right here and now and it’s only a decision I make. It’s also not contingent on anything or anyone else. It really is an inside job. I thought I had to be alone for a certain amount of time and happiness would come over me. It’s not like that though, happiness starts the moment I decide to be!!

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