Lessons Learned in Life (Our drive to Sedona together)

Words of Encouragement and an incredible story regarding my dying Father and our trip to Sedona to free his soul.

I preference this writing with knowing the following accounts are still having a tough time sinking into myself. I’ve spoken to my mentors about this and they all tell me the same thing. I can choose to believe everything that happened during this trip, or I can choose not to. Either way is correct.

I never liked answers like that!

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Lessons Learned In Life… The passing of my Hero (the unfolding)

Words of Encouragement about a Great Man and a new understanding for me!

Haven’t written in a week because I’ve been spending all my time in a hospice center in Gilbert Arizona, along with as much of my family as physically possible, waiting for my Dad’s soul to release his body to an eternity of freedom. To a dimension I do not fully comprehend yet. We spend our days, and some of us nights, talking to him, counting the time between his breaths hoping everything we believe is true about the after death. We cry and pray, both individually and together. We spend time talking to Dad, again individually as well as a group as well.

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Lessons Learned in Life… Owning my Creatorship (Part B)

Such words of encouragement and what an AWESOME mantra this is turning out to be!

“I Own My Creatorship”.

Say it out loud… I OWN MY CREATORSHIP.

Say it again and let it sink into your heart. I OWN MY CREATORSHIP…

For the past five days, these words have brought about a new way of viewing and understanding my life. Today’s lesson came in a moving mountains kind of way. It taught me that I don’t have to orchestrate the world. I only have to make a decision on what I choose to create and the world will work around my desires.

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